Orks of the Frozen North


1 by cheo36 d5moaxc_

As we start this campaign your Character is a lowly, tribe-less orc. You are without a clan and without any allies in this world. Whatever clan you did have were either destroyed in the war or lost in the long sea voyage that brought you here without gold and without weapons. Along with hundreds of other Unclanned you have been the prey of those Orcs lucky enough to serve under a banner. You have been beaten, kicked, robbed, and used as nearly a slave. Without a clan to call your own you are without rank and without honor. For the last few years you have barely scratched a life of basest survival out of the cold wastes of this barren shoreline. You have lived in a small mud and thatch hut surrounded by other Unclanned, the hopeless, the lost, and the maimed. Now you have finally come across some luck. In your hand you hold a collection of coins which you have collected, stolen, hoarded. With this and with the grim courage that beats in your heart you will begin your new life. You will become legend._
In a few days The Feast of Waruk will begin. The great Clan-chief has declared a holy day in honor of the Gore-Drinker and Dark Mother. Orcs from all clans are expected to come and do homage to them … and to him. But there will also be a Choosing. The clan-chiefs will assemble and select a few of the Unclanned to join under their banners. Only the strongest, the bravest, the most cunning will have a hope of being selected. You plan to be among them. With some luck and some skill you might be chosen. And then your rise to power will begin.



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