Gods of the Orks

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The Ork pantheon is very limited. There are 2 major gods worshiped by the Orcs as well as the Deomon-god Orcus.

Grotaag, the Gore-fisted. Orcish god of savagery and battle.
Grotaag is powerful and demanding god of war for the Orcs. He is merciless, cruel and unforgiving as well as immensely strong and brutal. Orc war priests wear dark red vestments, armored with war helms and black plate mail. He is worshiped with blood sacrifices of enemies slain in battle. Grotaag is the unblinking god of destruction and domination. His precepts are as follows: Gather and breed, and your numbers shall flourish; Rise up in hordes and seize that which is rightfully yours; Raid. Kill. Conquer. Grotaag is a god of conquest, driving his savage multitudes to expand their power by whatever brutal means they wish. His shamans advised chiefs and warmongers to raid, kill, and conquer. The last day of Garfek’taaz (“Feast of the Bloodied Stones”),commemorates Grotaag’s ascendancy as the master of all Orcs. On this day, new shamans were ordained in a bloody orgy of torture and sacrifice. Domains:Cavern, Chaos, Evil, Hatred, Orc, Strength, War

Luthik, The Dark Mother.*
Luthic is the orcish goddess of Fertility, Medicine, Females, Magic, and Servitude. Luthic embodies the orcish feminine ideal, subordinate to male orcs but still protecting the cohesion of orcish society. Her sacred animal is the cave bear. Her symbol is an orcish rune meaning "home. Luthic’s priests wear brown and black leather armor and fur caps. She teaches that only strong, worthy orc warriors deserve healing, while cowards do not. She is harsh in her judgments and a vicious combatant when defending the lairs and children of orcs, for they are the future strength of the orcish tribes. She is also the one who gave rudimentary medicine and herbalism to her followers, thus enabling them to heal brave warriors so they can more quickly rejoin battle.
Domains: Cavern, Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Protection.

Orcus, Demon-lord of the Undead
Orcus is the Prince of the Undead, and it is said that he alone created the first undead that walked the worlds. Orcus is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) and most powerful of all demon lords. He fights a never-ending war against rival demon princes that spans several Abyssal layers. From his great bone palace he commands his troops as they wage war across the smoldering and stinking planes of the Abyss. Orcus spends most of his days in his palace, rarely leaving its confines unless he decides to leads his troops into battle (which has happened on more than one occasion). Most of the time though, he is content to let his generals and commanders lead the battles. Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, and War

Gods of the Orks

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